What We Do

C+M Marketing recognises that with all products and subsequent distribution, market knowledge and experience is paramount. Each retail outlet is carefully selected and appointed in order to maximise product representation and sales.

The knowledge and expertise gained through training is directly reflected in the choice of appointed outlets and the form and timing of promotions and merchandising. C+M Marketing’s intimate knowledge of the local market and market behavior provides the perfect foundation for successful distribution and marketing of a brand and its products.

C+M Marketing also uses it’s vast database, complied by the beauty consultants and brand managers to inform customers about on going brand promotions and new product launches.

Within the company we strongly believe in constantly monitoring the retail market trends and adapting them to the needs of the consumer. Yearly clear goals are given to our well trained team concerning customer satisfaction, weekly targets, window displays and promotions. We also host a number of successful promotional events for the media and general public.